Frequently Asked Questions

Does a doula take the place of an OB or midwife?

  • No. A doula provides strictly non-medical support and coaching, and will not provide any medical services such as cervical exams, “catching” the baby, or medical diagnoses. However, a doula can provide referrals to providers that can perform medical procedures.

Will a doula take the place of my husband/partner at the birth?

  • Not at all. In fact, a doula can help husbands and partners be more involved in birth, by suggesting supportive positions, tending to the mothers other needs so the partner can be by her side, and by giving the partner a break so he can return refreshed. Your partner knows you best, and you both deserve to be supported in enjoying this birth!

Will you stay if I decide to get an epidural or I need an emergency C-section?

  • Absolutely, as long as you want me there. I’ve been extensively trained in how to support a mom even when the birth does not go as expected. These interventions may take away some of the pain of childbirth, but they also come with certain discomforts that can benefit from a doulas physical and emotional support. I see every birth as “natural” and do not judge a mom based on the choices she makes for the sake of herself and her baby.